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Royall Lyme Bermuda

Zanzibar features six unique cologne fragrances by Royall Lyme Bermuda - Spyce, Vetiver, Rugby, Lyme, Muske, and BayRhum. From traditional to contemporary, you are sure to find one that suits your style!

Musgo Real

Soap, soap on a rope, shaving cream, and after shave. Developed for the aristocracy, Musgo Real soaps have been hand made and stamped in Portugal since 1887. Coconut oil makes these soaps especially mild and creamy cleansers for the whole body. The rich lathering shaving cream (use with or without a brush) has a natural base of lanolin and glycerine to soften and moisturize the beard, allowing the blade to come closer to your face for a smoother, longer lasting and enjoyable shave.


Made in France, our Mistral For Men line includes Soap (made with organic Grape Leaf Extract and Grapeseed Oil), Hand Cream (non-sticky, non-greasy and fast-absorbing), Body And Hair Wash (with organic aloe vera and wheat protein), and Perfect Glide Shave Cream (Non-foaming and packed with moisturizers).

Crabtree & Evelyn

Zanzibar features soap and cologne by Crabtree & Evelyn in their Sandalwood and Nomad fragrances.


Try the amazing fragrance of Inis The Energy Of The Sea the next time you stop in the store.  Made in Ireland, this fine line includes body lotion, bath and shower gel and cologne.


From Chester, England to the brisk shores of America's New England, a 100 year old tradition of English-style craftsmanship has been passed down in Lightfoot's Pure Pine Soap.  At one time only available in private clubs, Lightfoot's is now the soap of choice for the discerning gentleman at home.  The aromatic feshness of the pine forest is the perfect skin freshener after any athletic activity.  Also available in shave soap.

Shaving Essentials

Do you prefer to use a shaving brush?  Zanzibar stocks brushes, shaving soaps and creams by Omega (Italy), Cella (Italy), Pre de Provence (France) and Crabtree & Evelyn (Great Britain).

Seasonally, we also feature men's hats, scarves and wallets.

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